Honey Badger is fiercely passionate!

Passionate about kids, passionate about fashion and passionate about the environment!

We design our clothing knowing that kids will be kids, and whatever they get up to we want them to do it in style and comfort.  Our goal is to bring to you a fashionable, functional and comfortable range of children’s clothing which is truly eco-friendly and of the highest quality.

We also believe that the choices each of us make have a direct impact on the world and community around us; and Honey Badger wants to make a positive difference:

A difference to our children by creating a product which is not only comfortable to wear but which is also ‘healthy’ to wear, we strive to produce clothing which is chemical and pesticide free by using only natural dyes and 100% organically farmed cotton fabrics;

A positive difference in protecting our planet, by choosing to use only organically produced, natural, sustainable or recycled materials in all our products;

and a difference to our community by supporting fair trade and ethical practices at every level of our business and by joining with community run projects to help create sustainable employment.

By choosing Honey Badger eco-wear you can make a difference too.
Be fierce, be fearless, make a change! Choose Honey Badger.

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